What’s Happening? What Happened?

The Way Forward, a President’s view.

Fellow Rotarians,

Well, another successful Changeover Dinner was held at the Mantra Hotel, Coolangatta, Tuesday July 14, 2020.

I am honoured to be inducted as the President of the Rotary Club of Currumbin Coolangatta Tweed 2020/2021; I acknowledge and owe a debt to all those Presidents of this club that came before me.

I came to Rotary late in life, but it was one of the better decisions of my life. I believe that membership in Rotary makes one a better community citizen.

Once a week, for one hour or so, I meet with like minded people, and discuss and share what we as Rotarians can do to make the world a better place while enjoying each other’s company….

My vision of the year ahead is to have fun, seek out opportunities for service, and to increase recognition and acceptance of our club in the community at large.

We support our community and in turn our community supports us.

We truly believe we can make a difference.

If there is a child in need, a town or village without water, a town or village without a school, without electricity, lack of medical facilities, it matters to us, the scourge of Polio, children with bad eyesight, all matter to us, we are our brother’s keeper.

We only have to look in our own back yard to find people in need, this year we will concentrate our assistance to those in our own backyard.

This dreaded COVID-19 monster has meant that life as we know it will change for the foreseeable future.

But Rotarians are resilient people…we will not let COVID-19, or whatever number, stop us doing what we do best.…helping people in need, making a difference, supporting our community, leaving a mark. But we will need to work smarter, be innovative, look outside the square.

As Rotarians we will continue to support our local community, those organisations that are dear to our hearts, Shaping Outcomes, an organisation that assists children with disabilities. The proceeds of our Melbourne Cup function in November helps to support the work of Shaping Outcomes.

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, whose work in healing our native wildlife is invaluable; we have recently provided the hospital with a Flexible Endoscope to retract fish hooks from the gut of our native water life, thus improving surgery survival rates and recuperation time.

We will continue to provide support to the homeless, the disadvantaged, those in need in our community.

There will be many others who will need our help in the coming year; we will be there for them.

We will continue to support, Rotary District, National and International projects, of which there are many.

This year we celebrate 75 years of this clubs existence in its many forms. We will celebrate when and however we can, it deserves celebrating.

Next year we celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia, again celebrations will be tempered by COVID-19 restrictions. But we will prevail. Look for media announcements of events planned for our 100th anniversary.

I’d like to acknowledge the support of Councillor Gail O’Neil of the Gold Coast City Council, Federal Minister Karen Andrews MP, the Bendigo Bank, Stocklands, Mission Foods and others too many to name, for their generous support over the years and I hope it will continue for years to come. I’m sure it will, they are good people.

I’d like to acknowledge the work done by this clubs outgoing President and his board, the members, and in particular the clubs hard working secretary, Bev Prosser who deservedly was awarded this club’s Rotarian of the Year 2019/2020, well done Bev. Being the secretary must be the most difficult job in Rotary, welcome Bob Anley.

The year ahead will be a challenging one…but also a special year; join us, help us make a difference.

More than ever now, the world needs a Rotarian.

Yours in Rotary, thank you.

John M Giuricin


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